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[1] Eurozone Debt Crisis: How to Trade Future Disasters

[2] DXY Index Fails at Key Resistance Once Again

[3] Forex today: a mixed outcome for the greenback, eyes on Aussie jobs next

[4] GBP/JPY loses sight of 148.00 as late Wednesday's rally sees resistance on Japan trade figures

[5] USD/JPY: bulls holding form and claiming ground in high 112's

[6] ECB to hike rates before the next downturn - Reuters poll

[7] USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Greenback bulls looking to grind it out to 2018's highs

[8] AUD/JPY Review: Aussie employment surges, adds over 50k new jobs

[9] AUD/USD Soars After Jobs Data Exceeds Expectations, Eyes CPI Next


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